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The foundation of my personal style of the leadership for the Kansas City, Kansas NAACP is to create ways to bring our organization into the 21 Century, as the leading advocate for Environmental and if possible a multicultural Literacy among the many ethnic groups that exist in our Kansas City, Kansas neighborhoods.

It is my intention to begin this process by involving our chapter in various community based environmental Cultural projects and activities, and then use this website to provide those who visit it, a running account of our efforts to achieve such an agenda, and the results of those efforts and/or achievements.  

So consider this your personal invitation to Enjoy!

Richard Mabion - President

Kansas City, Kansas Branch of the NAACP

Creativity​​ Abounds

Kansas City Community Leaders Talk About Race, & White Privilege

Kansas City, Kansas NAACP Branch 

Richard Mabion (counterclockwise from the Upper Left), Kansas City, Kansas Chapter's President, Sam Mann, former paster of a Black Congregration, and social activist for racial equality, Anita Russell, Kansas City, Missouri NAACP Chapter's President and National NAACP's Board member, and Lori McDonald, community organizer and Executive Director of MORE2 sat down for a frank discussion about race