I see this as the future for our inner-city community based environmental programs.  Businesses like the Hilton Garden Inn, stepping up to the plate to help in areas of education that are being cut or not funding in certain parts of the inner-city financially, to include our local or public schools.  I feel credit should be given to the Hilton Inn, for wanting to get involved, the Public school system for joining in such a community based program, and the various community based organizations, like the Kansas City, Kansas Branch of the NAACP, for seeing their role in this equation too.  Educating our youth has to become our obligation….

In no time at all the students their instructors and the folks from KC Community Garden, were busy building and filling the raised beds with dirt. 

Kansas City, Kansas NAACP Branch 

The students worked as if they had done this before, and it was actually a first for them too. 

The final act was to water what had been planted.

There is only so much I can show on this photo layout, but once we got the raised bed where we wanted them, the KC Community Garden folks stated showing the students how to plant their seeds and produce.

Then Rev Carter closest to the 2 boys, from the Freedom in Christ World Ministries, also joined in to give the young men a hand. 

Then Rev. Magee in his suit grabbed a rake and started smoothing out dirt too Type your paragraph here.

The General Manager decided to give the students a helping hand..

The standing Community – Business Based Environmental Project.  

The Kurt Mayo, the General Manager for the Hilton Garden Inn, and his Human Resource Director enjoy watching the students at work.