Kansas City, Kansas NAACP Branch 

Meet His Two People Serving Worlds

It wouldn't be fair for me not to find a way to include the lifeline of this nation's NAACP.  While my personal intentions have to do with the education of our future generation as far as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) education is concerned, none of us should ever forget what it has taken us to even be in a position to have such an opportunity to concentrate on the academic achievement  of our future leaders and scholars. 

Energy efficiency is the cheapest energy available to us. Sierra Club has several projects that are focused on saving energy in our existing structures.  Our focus has been in urban core areas in Kansas City and Wichita.

To discover areas in your own home where you can save energy and to understand how you can take action yourself, we have uploaded several videos from the Clipboard Home Energy Checklist, which will walk you through the areas of your home where you can begin taking action to save energy.

But as much as it would by unfair for me to not give my NAACP Organization it proper place in my life, it would also be unfair for me not to highlight my Sierra Club involvement too.  And like I did with the NAACP, I will let the organization past the comment made on this page speak for itself.

That credit goes to the NAACP's American Journey For Justice.  I like to say, many Black Men & Women and their multicultural associates before us, have died and gone to jail, just to give someone who looks like me a chance to succeed in life, and I have spent my life attempting to do just that.

So I am including the best reference for this organization that can be included, and that is a link to the national website itself


Richmond, California's Solar Training Program