Then the Raised Beds were constructed.

This is what I found March 28th, 2015 when I arrive at the Hilton Garden Inn at 5th & Minnesota, in Kansas City, Kansas.  3 - 4 by 12 foot sections on the hotel grounds, between the Hotel, and the Convention Center.

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Before the middle school students arrived, the Kansas City, Community Garden folks laid the frames for the raised bed Gardens around the 3 – 4 by 12 foot spots.

Kansas City, Kansas NAACP Branch 

Then around 1:15 the students and their 2 instructors arrived, and begin to get instruction from the KC Community Garden folks of what was going to happen today, and what would be expected of them.Type your paragraph here.

The Community Business Environmental Project

Two key persons who made all of this possible was Andrea Mathew from the Kansas City, Community Garden on the left, and Kate Winkler, Human Resource Director for the Hilton Garden Inn at 5th & Minnesota.  They too were waiting for the students to arrive.

To show how much support this project had received, Rev. Derick Magee on the left, from the Mount Olive Baptist Church, Chuck Schlittler in the middle, representing the Downtown Shareholders, and me on the right, took a shovel full of dirt to begin the construction of the Hilton Garden Inn's 3 community built raised bed vegetable gardens. .

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